Seoul seller / 서울셀러

The Pancake Epidemic / 더 팬케이크 에피데믹



The Pancake Epidemic was created in LA as a space for designers and other creative types to meet over good coffee. However, only those with invitations were able to experience it. Thankfully, when choosing to open a branch right here in Seoul, it was decided that it would be open to all.


TPE is notable for being the only cafe in the country which brews Stumptown, one of the big name US coffee roasters. As well as the standard range of coffee on offer they sell tea, lemonade and beer too.


Despite the word being in their name, TPE never intended to serve pancakes at all. However, a considerable number of customers complained after being left disappointed by a pancake-free visit and they were forced to add them to the menu. I wasn’t expecting much but they were really great, much better than the ones at Original Pancake House


I’d heard great things about their cold brew coffee and I was excited to try it. They brew gallons of the stuff and it’s served via tap. If you fancy it to-go they sell bottles of it too.

It went down an absolute treat. Dark, rich, smooth and full of flavour. Just fantastic. It was my first time having actual cold brew coffee in Seoul and I was blown away. I’m already thinking about when I can go back for more.


Nestled awkwardly between Apgujeong and Apgujeong Rodeo stations, TPE is not a cafe you will simply stumble upon during a weekend stroll but rest assured it is definitely worth the considerable effort it takes to find it.

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DIRECTIONS: Easiest way to get there is to take Apgujeong Rodeo exit 5. Walk straight, take the second right and then continue up that street until you see The Pancake Epidemic above the Stussy store.


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