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Original Pancake House


Due to my being a lazy sod it’s not often I’m out and about in Itaewon in time for brunch. However, this past Monday was an exception and I decided to visit Original Pancake House, a much talked about American diner which has only recently opened.




The place is huge and they have nailed the American diner theme very well.




The menu is gigantic and you could spend forever deliberating over what to order.


We finally opted for a full portion of french toast (₩12,000) and eggs and bacon (₩13,000). It must be noted that with a large number of the menu items, including eggs and bacon, 3 buttermilk pancakes are given as a side order. We also had a (small) glass of orange juice (₩6,500).

I did enjoy the pancakes but they were quite mushy and I’ve honestly had better from my local supermarket back home.


The bacon was also very tasty and deliciously crispy. But, after paying ₩13,000 for 2 eggs and 3 rashers of bacon, I couldn’t help feeling a little robbed.


Lastly, the french toast was just not to my taste at all. I don’t mind a little sugar sprinkled on top but these were overwhelmingly sweet to the point where I had to stop for fear of gagging. I’m aware that this is just my personal preference and the restaurant is catering to the majority who enjoy french toast this way.

Before complaining about price I should mention that the food is expensive because a lot of the ingredients are imported and of course being an American franchise in the centre of Seoul it was never going to be cheap anyway.

However,  I feel that the quality on offer simply does not justify the relatively expensive prices for what is fairly simple food. I’m sure people familiar with American diners will enjoy it, even if only for the comfort of home, but it’s a definite thumbs down from me.


Me before eating the food and looking at the bill.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 19.18.18

DIRECTIONS: Take the subway to Itaewon station (Line 6). Come out of exit 1 and walk for roughly 200m and you will see Original Pancake House on your right, above Agra and underneath Coffeesmith.

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