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Box → Box

Box → Box is a football podcast I record with two of my friends, Mark and Chris. It started as a bit of a laugh and an excuse for us to get on Skype and talk about football for a while but now we’re taking it a little more seriously and hopefully we can improve with every new episode Facebook page

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Box → Box Episode 8 / March 26th

On Episode 8 of Box → Box:

*Arsenal chat with Ty and Mo
*Top 4 situation roundup
*Champions League 1/4s predictions

Box → Box Episode 7 / December 26th

Back by popular demand, the boys are on hand to discuss what’s been happening since the show was last on the air in June.

On Episode 7 of Box → Box:

*Top 6 recap
*Footballing highlights of 2016

Hope everyone had a cracking Christmas and we wish you all the best going into 2017!

Box → Box Episode 6 / June 10th

On Episode 6 of Box → Box:

Comprehensive Euro 2016 preview including an array of predictions which will undoubtedly come back to haunt us after the tournament

Box → Box Episode 5 / May 13th

On Episode 5 of Box → Box:

*Leicester City crowned Premier League Champions (Yes, that’s right)
*Season highlights and lowlights
*Champions League and Europa League Finals

Box → Box Episode 4 / March 25th

On episode 4 of Box → Box:

*Champions League Last 16 Review
*Uefa propose new CL format
*Johan Cruyff
*Look forward to Euro 2016
*Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Box → Box Episode 3 / March 5th

On episode 3 of Box → Box:

*Arsenal v Spurs
*Top 6 discussion – who will win the league?
*Champions League and Europa League preview

Box → Box Episode 2 / February 6th

On episode 2 of Box → Box:

*Guardiola taking over at City
*Transfer window roundup
*Champions League Preview

Coming in at a whopping 75mins it is an action packed show with plenty of interesting discussion and a few laughs thrown in too.

Box → Box Episode 1 / January 17th

The inaugural episode of Box → Box, a brand new football podcast hosted by David Carlin with special guests Mark Devlin and Chris McCorry.

On today’s show:

*Review of the season so far
*Rise of Leicester
*Fall of Chelsea
*Dull United
*Finally Arsenal’s year?
*Best signing and best player